Saturday, March 20, 2010

left- crispy striped bass, arugula-yuzu pudding, melted leeks, braised celery. I glued the skin all the way around the filet and cleaned the rib bones to garnish. right- foie gras mousse en sauternes, duck egg custard, honey sorbet, pickled satsuma, foie powder, brioche.

Friday, March 19, 2010

left blood sausage with preserved meyer lemon. this was the second time i made blood sausage and it came out really good. still Little soft but the flavor was awesome. i was lucky enough to get the blood 30 minutes after the pig was killed . I'm trying to go to the slaughter but the department of Ag sucks! on the right is stuffed pig snout. we tried a couple different ways and found the best was to stuff it with shoulder and torque it is plastic and sous vide for 12 hours. then roast in the oven. its ridiculous and very labor intensive.

these are two crazy projects we've been working on. left thousand year old bantam egg. richard made this by soaking the eggs in a lye-salt brine for eight days and then poaching them. The idea came from harold mcgees book and its crazy.on the right is tuna salami that came about basically by trying to use tuna scraps from a party. it freaked me out for the first couple of weeks but i feel better about it now. it has nice mold and starting to firm up.

theres something about making blood sausage that makes me happy. it turned out really well.

First beer dinner at holeman and finch. on the left house cured proscuitto wrapped brandade, tangerine marmalade, and candied rosemary, right pork shoulder confit, mustard braised cabbage, lardo cromesquis. bottom pickled shrimp and clams, lots of fennel and pollen, crispy shrimp heads.
These are smoked liverwurst from local veal. It was the first time trying it and it came out great. super creamy and full of flavor.
This is a orval beer dinner that I got to do acouple months ago at the brick store. The owner of orval was nice enough to take a pic with me. five different chefs lots of great food and amazing beer. needless to say it was a great night. I made duck mortadella, chestnut ravioli, quince membrillo, and duck ham. Thanks to all the great hospitality of the great staff at the brick store and mike gallaghar.